Are you set to join the gold rush in Biopharmaceuticals?

We have the background and demonstrable skills to define your needs.  We can successfully build the foundation skills in your leadership and broader team to lead your charge into the Biopharma space.

Challenges that we specialise in:

We have the ambition and  money, but not the Biopharma Experitise?
Change not being embraced by the workforce?
“Lean/Improvement” plan not sustaining results?
Constantly repeating the same conversations across the organisation?
Engagement levels never seem to rise?

Simon Adams Background

Who are our client base?

Beyond Leadership was founded by Simon Adams, an inspirational leader with a Biopharma/Pharma/high  technology leadership background.  
Over 15 years Simon has risen from the factory floor to executive level by coaching his team to deliver remarkable achievements.  Simon is recognised as bringing significant focus and energy to every engagement.
We work with individuals and organisations from both public and private sector.   Our clients direct organisations with annual budgets of between £500k and £1Bn per annum.  
Geographically, our current client base spans the UK, Europe, The Middle East Asia and the United States.