Subject Matter Expertise is vital in the Biopharmaceutical marketplace.

Some redesign projects  require bigger thinking to break through.

​​Currently Consulting on these areas of Expertise

Is your Due Diligence preparation focussing on the wrong thing?

Indicative capital and operational costings for Biopharm processes.

​​Biopharmaceutical Facility design,  construction and Operational Readiness

Current market trends in Biopharmaceuticals​​

Achieving State of the art Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing 

Strategic planning for 
Biopharmaceutical market access 

​Bio Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations methodology

​​ Operational Readiness for sites being built, risk resgister, management team construction

​Technology transfer and scale up processes.

Case Study, Biogen, Solothurn.  Working as part of the Biogen team as the $1.5Bn facility is built in preparation for manufacture of the remarkable Aducanumab process.  My skills in Operational Readiness preparation cover managing risk for the programme as well as troubleshooting issues and leadership team formation and coaching.  Green Field means more than just building, it also extends to the whole team/system interface!